Is Euthanasia the Next Step?

In a letter to Pastor Andrew, a sister in Christ wonders if
Euthanasia is Next.

Dear Pastor Andrew,

I’ve been following the Schiavo case since 2003 when the feeding tube was pulled & then re-inserted. Yesterday (3/29), I had a strange, but familiar experience. They were the same feelings - physical, psychological, emotional - that I had twenty-some years ago when I got involved in the nascent battle over homosexuality.

We were in the Episcopal church at the time and when I tried to bring it up at the diocesan convention I was told (by the bishop) that I was fighting non-existent battles – that no one would seriously suggest that homosexuality could be condoned – that Bishop Spong was a marginalized nut case to whom no one paid attention. I felt at the time, and still feel that my message was prophetic . . . and ignored. (Such is the plight of prophets ; ) )

Now I’m having the same feelings about the euthanasia issue. I believe God is winnowing His church. Just like with Gideon, He’s reducing the flock. First it was abortion, then it was homosexuality, and now it’s euthanasia. By their choices, individuals and, I suspect, denominations, are choosing whom they will serve.

But euthanasia raises the ante thusly: no one can be forced, by law, to have an abortion (so far); no one can be forced, by law, into a homosexual relationship (so far);

but the law is rapidly becoming involved in both actively & passively killing people just because they are “useless eaters”.

Right now, the battle is focused on the disabled, but as we baby boomers begin to consume more than we produce, and as resources become stretched, those who see no intrinsic value in life will have all the reason they need to “off” us. The “right to die” will become a DUTY to die and anyone who doesn’t “choose” to do his duty will find “assistance” at the end of a needle. (A more merciful end than Terri Schiavo is experiencing, I must say.)

I’m not convinced we can win this battle – at least not in the conventional sense of the word – but it IS imperative that we choose which side of the battlefield we stand on. Fellowship groups, congregations, denominations must band together to LOUDLY proclaim their dedication to life and to the author & finisher of life.

Those who would choose to kill us must be made to face the truth that they are doing so against our will. On the day of judgment, there will be no “Oh, I didn’t know,” excuses.

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