Evolution: Who Designed It?

by Rev Andrew JJ Paton

Does the appearance of a design mean there was a designer?

If you posed that question in the garment industry they'd snigger behind their hands at your lack of insight. Ask this in Detroit. They'll glare at you and wonder if you think those autos roll themselves off the production line.

This is true of every arena of human learning except one. The only place this question would be received with pride and you'd be congratulated for your deep insight would be in the biology lab at high school.

Random chance resulting in all that lives is the cornerstone of current educational thought. Educators aren't content to admit in every classroom in America that science doesn't know how the majestic natural world came to be so finely balanced and perfectly adapted to earth's geo systems.

They have to go further and express their faith in random events leading to universal perfection. Atheism is a religion too. Haven't they heard of the separation of church and state!

Frankly the mathematical chances of pure evolutionary theory producing life as we know it are less than those of a tornado blowing through a junkyard and assembling by accident a working jumbo jet.

Rodney LeVake loved teaching biology at Faribault High in Minnesota. He was reassigned to teach general science because he refused to tell his classes that Evolution was an unassailable fact.

His challenge to the demotion failed at district and appellate court and this year the Supreme Court refused to hear his case.

The Biology Taliban at American High Schools allow teachers to fill the students minds with wonder at how the universe is intricate and marvelous. They want students to admire how a chance interaction of chemicals billions of years ago has produced living cells that have power plants, automated workshops and recycling units. Mark Hartwig, PhD even describes miniature monorails that whisk materials from one location to another. Our cells resemble complex factories. Genetically splendid production lines.

Just like one line of incorrect programming can knock out a complex computer program so one defect in a gene can cause an entire organism to malfunction. Our DNA chains are both unique and yet vital to life itself. The permutations are so complex that it would take very sophisticated computers to design some of the most basic working models.

That in itself is no joy to evolutionary purists because it would be like a computer programmer saying over his shoulder to a bank of earth's best computers "Good night machines - please design something amazing by time I get back tomorrow."

Tell kids how wonderful it is that living organisms even appear to be brilliantly designed but don't you dare say in the hallowed halls of a High School that they are designed. It's only a small step in logic but it's an enormous leap in what is politically correct.

The Bible has a simple but profound sentence. It says we are fearfully (in the respect sense of that word) and wonderfully made.

The Bible claims the presence of a Designer from the first chapter.

The great bother for Evolution's faithful followers isn't that there may be a designer as the data suggests.

The problem is what would that designer want from me? It's a problem of accountability.

An atheist philosopher wanted the universe to have no meaning so that he can be free to please himself.

The meaning of life is development of relationship with the Creator while enjoying and being a good steward of what has been made.

Why is not the theory of Intelligent Design being taught alongside that of Evolution? Why is the theory of intelligent design not being taught to your high school student?

Anthony Flew - no longer numbered among the atheists. Flew states: "Super-intelligence is the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature."

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